Cultivating the ground for Traditional Tantric Sadhana

A hallmark of a living wisdom tradition (lineage) is that it is enlivened by the teacher-student relationship. The teachings of a tradition remain consistent through thousands of years and yet are enlivened by the experience of the teacher and their ability to give relevant teachings to the student at the right time. It is not enough to “parrot” information but to fully live it and Be it for lineage to flow forward to future generations. Teachings are also enlivened through a student’s practice and “tastes” unique on each person as the intelligence of the practice begins to flow out into daily life.  When a sangha (spiritual community) is fully participating together in this way there is a living field of support and joy.

Sadhana is a daily approach to engaging with the Wisdom Consciousness (Deity) through mantra, yantra, rituals (such as pujas, homas and tarpanams) and how to be a student. These sadhanas are encompassing and will affect us at every level. Psychologically, emotionally and Spiritually.

Engaging with a living wisdom tradition allows the transformation of a limited mind entrenched in habitual suffering, to a mind creatively inspired by a global and ultimately a Universal point of view. This is the mind in Union with the Heart.



Ganesha sadhana

February 4th & 5th, 2023

One of the most prominent qualities Ganesha is known for is the Removal of Obstacles. He is often invoked at the beginning of any endeavor for this purpose. He is also known as Ganapati which translates as “wedded to the senses.” His qualities of discernment allow us to be in the material world but helps us to keep our eyes on the Divine Mother. We will learn more depth teachings on Ganesh from the Shri Vidya orientation, learn his mantra and have guidance for a daily practice. For more information....

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Durga Sadhana

April 2023

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The Dakini Mandala of Mind & Emotion 

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A year long program to work with the Elemental Dakinis to liberate obstructed emotion.

Awareness is the uncontrived, unattached recognition of the experience of movement- the movement of the arising and dissolving of thoughts in the continuum of Mind, the appearance and the disappearance of phenomena in the vastness of intrinsic space. There is only the sheer exquisiteness of this movement.
This is what we actually are.

Registration ends June 1st. Program begins the weekend of June 25, 2022


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Rainbows & Waves. Cultivating Our Dynamic Presence

FREE online guided meditations, teachings and practice with Nita

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the importance of lineage in Tantra

Without the context of the lineage or an authorized  teacher to illuminate these wisdoms for us then we run the risk of taking these teachings and trying to make them fit to our current capacity and worldview. Thus we run in circles and create even more tension to fit into a spiritual perfectionism. With the careful guidance of an authorized teacher to help us dismantle our current limiting identity constructs, the wisdom begins to shine through our direct experience and is integrated and digestible into our daily life. Action is effortless.

Nita Rubio is an initiated Yogini in the Shri Vidya & Kaula schools of Tantra. Nita is authorized to teach & transmit these sadhanas by Yogini & Shri Vidya Adept, Uma Parvathinath Saraswati and continues to be dedicated to Parvathi's tutelage and Grace. it is Nita’s great joy to offer these classes in an undiluted stream of Wisdom. Nita’s areas of specialization are sadhanas in the Dasa Mahavidyas (10 great Wisdoms) with a special emphasis on Chinnamasta, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Bhairavi, Durga, Varahi and the Dakini Mandala of Mind. 

Nita works primarily with private sanghas and occasionally  schedules public teachings.

Having been a practitioner and master teacher for over 20 years of subtle body energy and embodiment through the vehicle of  The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power founded by Vajra Ma, Nita’s focus always includes deep context for embodiment and Devotion. All are welcome.
May the Wisdom Streams of the Yoginis remain!


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