Tantric and Sri Vidya Sadhana begins with a basic ground of inner stillness & silence. We need this in our practices as that is the dynamic stability that allows us to fall back into ourselves, severing the impulsivity of the constant "doer" and allows all action to be a creative response to relational awareness. 

Guided meditation with somatic cues can help us release habitual tension in mind and body allowing us to touch the basic ground of this silence & stillness. 

Each free zoom call will have a guided meditation to begin to create this ground.  What follows the guided meditation will be informed by the living moment. This could include public teachings on Tantric Deities, or space could open for some questions & answers. 

These sessions will be scheduled spontaneously, possibly on a new or full moon, or just when time allows. Once registered, participants will receive zoom links via email to join  the scheduled session live. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded here to allow viewing should one miss the live teachings. 

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