Durga Sadhana

August 12, 13 & 20th  2023

" O Devi Durga, whoever Remembers You with Devotion, You Remove the very Root of their Fear.
Whoever Meditates on You as being present within their own Hearts, with Extreme Devotion, You Bestow (i.e. Reveal to them) Your Auspicious Nature "

Durga Sadhana

Durga Ma is the Mother that responds to the sufferings of Her children. A fortress of Shakti- She can relieve our circumstantial difficulties as well as offer strength, protection and fortitude.

Durga is the force that organizes the matrix of physical reality to be more congruent with our true hearts-desire to wake up! Therefore, She also refines what our true Desires are. Her Victory is over that which keeps us from knowing ourselves as Her emanations.

Ultimately, this keeps us going on the path of growing and Awakening so that we may eventually embody Her deepest compassion. We will practice together to enter directly into Her energetic territory (Her light body organized from sound pulsations) within the container of traditional Tantric practice. (Mantra, Yantra and Meditation)

What is Sadhana?

Sadhana is commonly translated as "spiritual practice". More accurately, it is translated as that which gives support or peace to. Within traditional tantric systems there are very specific methodologies to awaken consciousness.

In the traditional Tantric streams there is "no Tantra without mantra and yantra". These are the methodologies in which we will approach Durga Ma. There will be contextual teachings given in order to establish a proper orientation and “seat” to approach Durga.

Sadhana gives a container in which to create the precise circumstances both inner and outer to understand on an experiential level these natures of our very own minds and hearts. The blessing of a lineage practice is that it has been "tested" for thousands of years by practitioners.

In Traditional Tantric wisdom streams the Deity is the ground of Consciousness that we orient towards. Often confused with worshipping something outside ourselves....the initiated student begins to understand through the direct experience of Mantra & visualization that there is no Other. These Light Beings are a literal system of

Consciousness and the mantra is the genetic code to begin to Awaken these energies from the inside out. 

Sadhana becomes our daily devotional discipline that begins to give a rhythm and timing to our entire lives that is distinct from both cultural and psychological time. 

The Details

August 12, 13th, 2023
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Pacific Time
Via Zoom
tuition $300

** NEW ***options of tuition in 1 installment or split in 2 monthly installments. 

August 20 2023 (follow up support class) 
9- 11 a.m. Pacific Time Via Zoom

A zoom link will be sent via email a few days prior to our live class dates. 

Live classes will automatically be recorded and uploaded into your course classroom site in the days following the live classes. Although being live is ideal, you can absolutely work with the recordings should you need to miss a scheduled class time. Recordings will remain there for 6 months for you to review . 

Some pre-recorded content will be in your classroom course site right away which will help give orientation & ground for Traditional Tantric Sadhana prior to our live class dates. 

How to Register

Because of the depth of these practices this course is best suited for those who have some previous experience in Traditional Tantric Methodologies & at least 3 years previous experience in consciousness work. An application is necessary to fill out before registering to make sure this course work is appropriate at this time. ***

This course (as well as Ganesha sadhana or The Dakini Mandala of Mind ) is a pre-requisite for a year long study program on the horizon to move deeper into the 9 forms of Durga. 

After filling out the application, you will receive an email reply within a few days.  If the necessary pre-requisites are met, you will then receive a link to submit tuition and register for your space in class. 

If you would like to go forward and apply please click on the button below. 

**** If you have previously taken The Dakini Mandala of Mind or Ganesha sadhana, you do not need to apply. You can go straight to the registration button below

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Nita Rubio is an initiated Yogini in the Shri Vidya & Kaula schools of Tantra. Nita is authorized to teach & transmit these sadhanas by Yogini & Shri Vidya Adept, Uma Parvathinath Saraswati and continues to be dedicated to Parvathi's tutelage and Grace. it is Nita’s great joy to offer these classes in an undiluted stream of Wisdom. Nita’s areas of specialization are sadhanas in the Dasa Mahavidyas (10 great Wisdoms) with a special emphasis on Chinnamasta, Bagalamukhi, Matangi, Bhairavi, Durga, Varahi and the Dakini Mandala of Mind.

Nita works primarily with private sanghas and occasionally schedules public teachings.